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Botox is known as the only proven way to eliminate and prevent stress and age related wrinkles in order to reclaim and maintain youthful skin.  Book now.

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world

Botox is beneficial in several ways. It is more commonly used to enhance the appearance of the skin and make wrinkles and lines around the eyes and brows less visible, while enhancing all other facial features.

The process entails the injection of a toxin in small doses.  Such toxin found in Botox is the same responsible for botulism – a paralyzing effect on the muscles.

The procedure can take up to an hour and often requires several injections of small amounts of Botox throughout the treated area. 

These injections can feel like powerful stings all over the face and cause temporary redness, bruising and swelling.

However, the use of this practice is not exclusive to cosmetic procedures. The toxin is also used in many medical interventions to prevent and reduce the effects of chronic conditions. 

This treatment can also assist in alleviating the symptoms of patients suffering from migraines, hyperthyroidism, muscular spasms and jaw pain.

Although Botox seems to be a life saver in many ways, it is important to know and remember that the effects are not permanent. Botox injections are temporary and in order to obtain the best results, they should be re-applied periodically.