Body sculpture in progress

The hour-glass shape, flawless skin, and the perfect buttocks.

BBL is used to create a shapelier appearance, removing fat from areas of the body needing less of it and adding it to the buttocks, precisely where it’s needed most. Book now.

The concept of a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL is rather simple

Recovery usually takes 7 to 15 days 

 Taking your existing features and enhancing them through a surgical intervention to better the shape, size and overall appearance of your backside. 

The procedure starts with a localized liposuction to extract some body fat, and for the finishing look of the buttocks and hips to be more noticeable, the organic matter extracted from strategic places within the body, is followed by a  purification process, thus

ultimately being re-injected into the backside; giving the area a perkier, firm and rounder appearance. 

This whole process is performed to essentially liven the natural buttocks and achieve the desired result of a leaner waist and a more voluptuous behind.  

The procedure usually takes an average of four hours and it requires the patient to be under the effects of local anesthesia, thus less risky. 

Since the procedure is based on the transfer of fat, the results may vary, and sudden changes in weight can affect the look of the backside, as it adapts to  body adjustment.