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Lymphatic Drainage massage assists with recovery after surgery. It regenerates tissue and reduces scarring.  Detoxifies the body and helps in eliminating cell waste, excess fluids, viruses, and bacteria while reducing swelling.  Book now.

reduce the body of toxins naturally

The Lymphatic system  drains toxins and waste out of the body.

Lymphatic massages are performed to assist nature and help the body excrete unwanted substances and return to its normal flow and balance.

These massages are great to increase circulation and reduce all swelling throughout the body. They are advised as a post-operatory wellness technique to promote tissue re-generation and reduce the risk of developing scars.

Other noticeable benefits of lymphatic drainage massages are pertinent to alleviating the symptoms of constipation, hemorrhoids, arthritis, acne, chronic pain, kidney-related illness, circulatory conditions and including stress and anxiety.

Exclusive of being the most trusted post-operatory therapy for patients undergoing plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, these massages are believed to be among the most effective ways to treat problems related to mental health and overall wellness.

Lympathic Drainage Massages can take up to thirty minutes and equivalent to other massages, it consists in applying subtle pressure upon the skin and rubbing in circular and rocking motions.

This practice helps detoxify the body and eliminate cell waste while promoting healing and increasing circulation.

More than a holistic practice based on relaxation through human touch, these massages are scientifically proven therapies assisting the human body and ensuring a feeling of well being.